Media and Press Coverage

July 2014, Co.Exist
The project was cited in the article “The Coming Human Body On A Chip That Will Change How We Make Drugs” by Jessica Leber of 28 July 2014. Available at:

February 2013, Nature
The project was the main subject of the article “Big biology: The ’omes puzzle” by Monya Baker of 27 February 2013. Available at:

January 2013, “L’espresso” (Italian news magazine)
Valentina Murelli “Fare a meno delle cavie” L’Espresso, 17 Jan 2013

October 2012, Le Monde
The project was mentioned in the article by Stéphane Foucart "Comment les tests sur les rats échouent à protéger les hommes” Le Monde 23 Oct 2012; English version at:

June 2012, Chemistry World
“21st century toxicology—88 years left?” by Thomas Hartung, June 2012, 39.

May 2012 , European Biotechnology News
François Busquet “Why Europe needs the Human Toxome Project” European Biotechnology News, 30 May 2012, available at:

May 2012, Agilent Press Release
“Agilent to Accelerate Development in Toxicology Testing with Funding from NIH Grant”, press release, May 15, 2012. Available at:

March 2012, Science
“Animal-Free Toxicology: Sometimes, in Vitro is Better” Science 02 March 2012 by Jeffrey Perkel. DOI: 10.1126/science.opms.p1200062

September 2011, Nature News Blog
“Researchers to map human toxic pathways” Nature NewsBlog by Natasha Gilbert of 21 Sep 2011. Available at:


April 16, 2015
The Human Toxome Project – a Test Case for Pathway Identification by Multi-omics Integration. T. Hartung
Agilent Technologies eSeminar on The Human Toxome Project.
To view the recorded event:
For a copy of the presentation:


January 22, 2015
Managing Your Laboratory Informatics
. R. Fasani
Lab Manager, in cooperation with leading industry specialists outlines a strategic approach to successful evaluation, implementation, and utilization of the most recent advances in informatics technology.

November 13, 2014
Big Data: Have You Jumped on the Cloud?  R. Fasani
A webinar that explores how to plug in the right tools, build the best strategic partnerships, and nurture the skills required to establish a culture of analytics in your lab.

March 2012
Mapping the Human Toxome
.T. Hartung